Monday, July 8, 2013


I secured his leash and off we went. Instead of directing him, I let him tell me where we would be walking that evening. On our usual route, but then - off to the left, down some stairs, and suddenly in a magical world. Piers, and music, and people salsa dancing. Joggers, and bikers, and couples strolling arm in arm. Sculptures and play areas and beautiful plants. And a damn good view with a stretch of water.

We walked for awhile when I realized that this was the same part of Manhattan that I used to jog, nearly daily. Except I was a few blocks north of where I would start my jog, and in habit, I would only ever jog south, then loop back up again. The same route every day, even though I hated the tourists, I hated the path. But I kept on doing it because it had become familiar to me, and I was at a point in my life where I needed familiarity, routine. I had been unhappy, but I didn't make any changes, out of fear.

Yet here was this magickal land, only a quick walk in the opposite direction. If I had just chosen to go north instead of south, even on one occasion, I would have found this place years ago. And if I hadn't let him guide me with his own nose and paws, I still wouldn't have known it. It made me think of the water bottle exercise from acting class. It made me think about how our lives can completely change if only we make the choice to switch directions, or to keep going, or to relinquish control - even if only for an hour. It made me think about how quickly we get comfortable in our routines and fear changing any part of them. It made me think about how we get scared and stop right before we stumble into something (or somewhere) so beautiful that we can't believe we nearly missed it.

What can you do today that you didn't do yesterday? Which way can you walk that you normally wouldn't go? What part of today can you hand over control to your higher power of choice? The biggest miracle, blessing, dream, goal, or incredible moment of your life could be right around the corner. 


  1. This is so inspiring!! I am absolutely guilty of routine when there doesn't necessarily have to be a routine. I am going to be looking for the road less travelled :)

  2. Oh, I love this! Reminds me of the Jack London short story where the man won't let the dog lead him, even though he is the one that knows where to go...I ought to give this a try :).