Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Lately, around here, my little weirdo babies are getting even stranger. Henry's been rocking a pumpkin tee in the middle of summer. Layla's taken to climbing onto my stomach and barking and howling all of her feelings out (before finally, finally, settling down to snooze on her momma). Henry even had a business meeting with monkey.. and then attacked him. We're trying to work on proper business meeting etiquette and discussing our feelings instead of eating the other person (er, monkey) in the meeting.

But... they've started to fall asleep closer and closer to each other. And my god are they cute. Seriously, have you seen cuter dogs? No? That is correct.

1 comment:

  1. i'm in love with your love for your dogs.
    if i knew them, i'd probably adore them, too.
    if i knew you, i'd probably crush on you in a very annoying "hello hello we just HAVE to be friends!"-way.

    well, i'll just adore you and your weirdo-family from afar and be amused by your sweet blog.