Thursday, May 16, 2013

ON #notestoself vol. 1

I don't know about you but I tend to wait.
I wait until I'm 'perfect', I wait until I'm ready, I wait until tomorrow.
I stall, procrastinate, analyze, worry, overthink.
Or, worst of all, I google. Edit photos. Text people back. Facebook.
I distract myself with anything and everything else but what I need to do.
Especially if it's something important for my career.
If I'm moving forward in the direction that I want to go.
When I see signs of success, I wait even more than normally.
And this is what I always come back to: the time is NOW.
Right now. Do it now. Send the scary email now. Say the words now.
Ask the hard question now. Date that person now. Push your boundaries now.
And every single time, I'm shocked by how much scarier it was in my mind
than it was in real life. And how quickly I get the answer I was hoping for.
The time is right now, friends.

Leave me a note in the comments about something you'll do today that you've been stalling on. xo

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Unedited images by Phillip Spaeth // Bowtie dress via Francesca's Collection // Necklace: Satya


  1. I'm very much the same way! However, I did do something today that I'd been putting off... I organized a bunch of clothes that I've been meaning to sell. Next is taking photos of them and setting up shop... :) I love these photos of you, by the way! And that dress is ADORABLE.

    xox Sammi

  2. i was always waiting for things. but i think, sometimes you just got to do it.