Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ON Kindness For Your Soul (OR; Cappy The Dog)

One of the amazing dog rescues that I am lucky enough to volunteer with is Badass Brooklyn Foster Dog. They are seriously some kick-ass humans who go down South and rescue dogs from the (super high) high kill shelters. They have a whole team of volunteers/fosters down South who help and a whole other team up North, here in NYC. They've rescued over 800 dogs. 800 dogs!

This picture and story appeared on BuzzFeed last week, now with well over 160,000 views. It's gotten so much attention that there's a longer story featured on HuffPo today.

The stories are great but the best part is getting more attention, fans, and volunteers for Badass, and for animal rescues every where. So if it touches your heart, do share with your social media network.

You can follow the Badass Twitter here (you may, ahem, hear a familiar voice tweeting) or 'like' their Facebook page here. Streams of cute pups all day? Yes please.

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  1. the look on that dog's face is priceless. thank heavens for good people who donate their time rescuing mistreated pups

  2. I just love your blog and recently started following it. I was just nominated for a Liebster Blog Award and thought you deserved one too.