Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ON My Dream Desk

I have been coveting this desk from Crate & Barrel for a long time now. Well, to be fair, the bookshelves first. But then.. the desk. The gorgeous, leaning, sleek, fancypants desk that I would surely not be able to afford.

And so I turned to where I always turn when in need of a piece of furniture: Craigslist. Natch. And there, that very day I thought to myself, 'well let's just have a looksie' .. there it was. And just a mere neighborhood away! No price listed. And posted three days prior to my finding this listing. Troublesome signs, but an email was sent anyway. And lo & behold, the next morning a response that the ONLY item he had left from his listing was this very desk, and if I wanted to come grab it, he'd give it to me for free.

Shabam, boom, bang. Dream desk: acquired. And already a total mess :)


  1. Hello. That is AMAZINGG!!!! You lucky duck!!! I never have good luck on craigslist!!

  2. That is INCREDIBLE. You were just meant to have it, I think!! I can't even believe it was free! I love the bookshelves, too. :)

    xox Sammi