Monday, May 13, 2013

ON Mornings With Lady & Afternoons With Henry

Lady is soft and gentle, like the morning. She rises slowly, the way the sun pours into the world, eases into the day, takes her time coming into focus. She can linger in bed for hours, wants to be held, and snuggle, moves delicately, walks with a dainty attitude, and is so very much a girl.

Henry is a burst of energy, like an inviting afternoon. He is tugging, moving toward something, running, playing, chasing down whatever catches his eye. He finds every possible patch of mud and jumps in it. He wants to explore, have his own space, while checking that I'm nearby, testing limits, and is so very much a boy.

My furry babies still can't be in the same room yet. Well, they can, but it's tough times. But I have faith that it will happen soon. A mother always knows. Until then, it's time with each of them, and loving them for their own unique ways. My morning girl, and my afternoon boy, and my heart bursting with love.

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