Friday, May 17, 2013

ON my film debut in China (sort of) & major link love

Oh, internet. WHY do I post these things? Why? But I must. I cannot keep this from you.
Click :55 seconds into the video and you may perhaps see a familiar face..
FOR THE RECORD.. the reason that I only appear once in this is because I killed it on every other name. Just owned those names! Those Rosetta Stone lessons are no joke and apparently must actually work because I can look at strange words and pronounce them correctly (I can also say 'cat' in multiple languages. Don't be jealous.)

These are the types of things that happen on a day to day basis in my world. One minute you're leaving an audition and realize your phone is dead so you hightail it to the Apple store across town and on your way, some random people ask you to say the names of Fashion brands on camera for a video in China. And if you're me, you're all "OKAY SURE! And yes I will certainly sign that release form!" Might as well live, you know?

In unrelated news, here are some other internet gems I'm (honestly) loving this week:
Katilda wrote about being a single 26 year old Mormon and her words are really universal.
Melissa wrote about why it's so important to surround yourself with people who are in Love.
Bri reminded us why it's sometimes best to avoid the internet when brainstorming/creating.

And I wrote two pieces here: one about Chez Sucre Chez & one on Home Theatre Inspiration.

Lastly, for the love of potatoes, please make sure to enter the amazing giveaway that I have going until Monday. I'm only $99 shy of my goal for these two amazing dog rescues! Every dollar counts and you could win a boatload of awesome prizes for your generosity. Happy Weekend! xo

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  1. hahaha you are the cutest!!! That would've been the one I messed up too!

    xox Sammi