Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ON National Sibling Day! Hurrah! (Or; embarassing photos for all)

Did you know today is National Sibling Day? I'll bet you do, you savvy internet superstars.
This is my one and only sibling, Amy. As you can see, she is seemingly normal and pleasant, while I got (almost) all the weird. But this is how it's always been, so it works pretty okay for us. I mean, wouldn't you want a Christmas photo like the one above? Do note, that's from this past holiday season.. figured I should clarify since we look like we're 15. Yes, that's right, she looks like a child, too. See? So much in common.

Now, if I could only get Henry & LaLa to take such adorable photos. Or, you know, not try to eat each other. Hmm.. :) xo

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