Sunday, April 7, 2013

ON Saturday Night's All Right For.. Watching Netflix (Or; You Guys, I'm totes Rachel Bilson)

This week has been.. Awesome. Busy. Nonstop. Full. Joyful. Which is great. But by the time I got to last night, my first free night in a good while - my first free any part of any day in awhile - I found myself reaching for my notebooks to get a jump start on next week's work and I thought, no. Just no. For tonight, no, we will not work. And I put on 'Hart of Dixie' (which I just started watching so no one tell me what happens after like the fifth episode of season one) and I just...watched it. I didn't write, or do eight other things at the same time, I didn't do my nails, nothing. Just sat and watched and made dinner and relaxed. I even put my phone on silent, hidden so I couldn't even see the screen light up.

And after five (five!) auditions, and working multiple jobs every day, and various birthday celebrations, and an off-broadway show, and good long walks with Lady, and my first foreign film, and my favorite male human with his overly animated self, and best friends with long conversations, and new doggies to get homes, and cleaning, and obsessively job searching for that one last missing piece, and gratitude just pouring out of my mouth and my being, and feeling like I'm literally chasing right behind every thing I'm up to, trying to hurdle up and over past it but not able to quite yet... after all of this, I felt so perfectly content in my choice for my Saturday night. Nearly giddy with contentment, so comfortable, peaceful.

And ready for this next week, which is already looking like it's going to be busier than this past one. Just the way I like it.

p.s. I'm now convinced that I'm just like Rachel Bilson. This is what happens to me when I watch a new tv show with a strong, fashionable, quirky female lead who appeals to the teen girl crowd. I'm all "that's me! I'm JUST like her!". Every time. Don't even talk to me about Lucy Hale.

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  1. I was recently hooked into Hart of Dixie too! It's just such a nice, charming show, you know? Sweet even. And I also love how I recognize all the locations from Gilmore Girls. I think it's a sign that I inadvertently love all shows shot on the WB Midwest Street Backlot!