Monday, April 22, 2013

ON Josie Maran (Or; Hello My Name is Kerry & I'm A Sephora Addict)

Here's the first thing you need to know: I have one of those Sephora VIP cards. You know, they're like a points system. A point for every dollar you spend.

No, wait. HERE'S the first thing you need to know: I never shopped at Sephora, really had very little makeup, absolutely no "products". But then I went on tour and met my twin. Ahem, hi twin. She passed on her addiction and I happily accepted the drug that is Sephora.

Fast forward four years and I've got so many points on this card that the cashiers are always a little impressed and/or taken aback. I've had a variety of responses. "But don't you want any of the samples you can get with the points?" You know what the answer has always been? Nope. Nah. Not really. Got anything else? I guess I have some sanity left because I could never see getting even more makeup to add to the pile I just bought, free or not. So the points were in the four number range (you guys, I'm telling you, it's insane) and I got to the register at Sephora in Beverly Hills, and the guy who came with me had run away in fear after a few minutes of being there (I mean, he didn't run but he sure did sneak out and go to a very manly non-make up store to wait for me) and so now I was alone. Alone in Sephora. Why you might as well just have me give over my credit card to a random stranger. I had gotten in line and left it multiple times, thinking of something else that I just needed. Finally, there I am at the front and the question comes: "Do you want to use any of your points on the items shown here?"and I spied the Josie Maran products - something I've genuinely been wanting to try - and I replied back with a firm and overly excited YES!

Fast forward two months, I hadn't used them. They'd traveled 3,000 miles back with me to New York City and now we had a bond. So I felt I owed it to them to have them live up to their potential. And I'll tell you what: totally worth saying yes to these bad boys. And by bad boys, I mean samples. Good for you, good for your skin, good for the earth, almost all vegan, and animal friendly/cruelty free. That 100% Argon Oil is no joke, I tell you. After the first night I used it, I woke up with unbelievably soft and bright skin. Do any of you use these? Should I buy the full versions? I mean, my Sephora point count is now much lower than it had been.. so.. seems worthy.. ;)

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  1. Simply Amazing :)