Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ON Babies & Target & Shoes, Oh My

Last Saturday, I had the darn good fortune of my best friend, and my cousin, both telling me at the same time that they would be going to Target that day. With a little magick, I somehow got to be in the wondrous land of Target with both of these beautiful women AND two of my cousin's kids, my sweet little godbabies.

And we went shoe shopping. Needless to say, it was very effective birth control.

Jokes aside, I love all of these people so much and, well, I just love Target so much. It's pretty rare that I get to go to Target, fyi, I'm not totally crazy and definitely wouldn't go every weekend if I lived in suburbia (yes I would). It's also important to note that I downright started salivating over those tiny baby shoes. Also, can we discuss how adorable these children are? That little girl is a firecracker, a total crack up, and five going on sixteen. Her little brother is quiet, focused, and (almost) four going on seventy. Also, you may note that I'm actually in a picture on my blog for once! This is my true suburban look: random, old clothes, hair up in a bun, no makeup.. ah, perfection. You're welcome, internet.


  1. He is really focused... hadn't noticed that.... and I love the one with Kelly and Ry.... so intent on what she's saying too... you don't have to post any of this.. just wanted to say you really capture people with your photos....

  2. Um, I have to admit now that I've recently been looking at moving to a new city and I pulled it up on Google maps and type in things like "Target" and "Trader Joe's" and "Hobby Lobby" and "thrift stores" to make sure it would be a good fit for me. bahaha

  3. Oh, how adorable these kids are! Pretty sure you have real fun bringing along those angels on your shopping spree. Take care!

  4. My baby has just started walking, it's been several weeks already. I think it's time i buy him his first pair. Do you have any tips on what to buy? I'm thinking of soft soled shoes as his first pair.


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