Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On a (mini) Photo Shoot with Twin

the other day, my twin* & i did an impromptu little iphone photo shoot.
mainly because we are silly. but these picture turned out great so i had to share:

noah pup was having the time of his life.
he is a very photogenic puppy, loves to work the camera
he even cracks himself up from time to time.

and you know me.. i couldn't help but hop into the shot once.. or twice..

(*okay so she is not technically my biological twin..BUT we met playing sisters
AND we have the same birthday AND a strange amount of things about us are super similar.
so..we decided it must be so, we are twins! although we used to look way more alike.. crazy. xo)


  1. I love this twin!! I really love the pic of smiling little Noah..he is one cute pup :) Love you xoxo

    1. Yay!! So happy you loved it! And yes, that NoahDog sure is a handsome fella! xoxox