Monday, September 17, 2012

On Noah's Tour of NYC

hello! NoahDog here!
i hear some of you aren't from my city of new bark -- sorry, new york!
so i thought i'd give you a little tour & advice for visiting..
be friendly on the streets! don't by shy, say hello.
if you get tired, i suggest finding a nice brick wall to lean against for a moment.
make sure to take your human to lincoln center.
humans just LOVE visiting lincoln center.
but don't get fooled by the big, full of water thingy..
it is not actually a giant water bowl for doggies.
i am practicing remembering this..
(i guess i can see why humans love this place)
when on an outing, it is best to find out the color scheme ahead of time
and then do your best to match it! fashion first, people.
now.. which way were we going.. was it this way?
no, wait.. it might have been this way..
make sure you take some time out for shopping.
oh, i do love a good mall.
also, make sure to position yourself in the middle of the floor.
this is best for photo ops. choose your pose carefully and smile.
this is also excellent placement to greet the people. people love to be greeted.
 as every hard working new yorker knows, you must balance work and play.
take time out to answer those pesky emails and phone calls.
it's tough to be an in-demand doggie.

and please remember to get your rest.
with so much to do in one city, it can get exhausting!

speaking of, it's time for me to nap.
i hope you enjoyed my post on my city!


  1. well this was adorable. and makes me want to come to new york. and makes me want to take a nap.

    1. haha thanks! he is one cute puppydog! (though to be fair, sometimes he is a cute puppydog who does not care to sleep... and then we don't always see the cuteness..)

  2. Haha! This is such a cute post. Very clever pup you've got there :)

  3. why thank you! he just sneaks off with my laptop curious.. :) and for the record, Noah is technically not mine, but my job (though I love him like my own). HenryElliot is my puppyman (you'll see him pop up soon!).