Monday, April 22, 2013

ON Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You (OR; Hello!)

Recently, I've noticed a lot of brand new followers that have come my way due to the incredible giveaway (that you totally should enter before Friday) I'm a part of. To you newbies, I say hello! Hola! Holler! Yes, that's right, holler with an e and an r.

Figure it's only right to catch you up to speed since you're new round these parts. So here's some info about me I think you may want to know:

First and foremost, I have the world's cutest dogs. What's that? YOU have the world's cutest dog(s)?! Okay, it's totally a tie and SEND ME PICTURES! J/k about the tie, not j/k about the pictures. Please & thank you.
Henry Elliot Raleigh Alexander is my munchkin man, my little bear, my tiny baby, my HensElliot, my first born. To say I'm obsessed with him is an understatement. Hen came to me through a rescue group and was originally born in a puppy mill. Due to the mill, he is fearful, anxious and distrusting. But his momma is on the case and he's doing a whole lot better now than he was when we became mother and child back in 2010.
Ladybugs is my boo, my bug, my LaLa, my LaLaLopolis, my baby girl. She is my foster dog with Dogs Without Borders and we fell in love in Los Angeles this past January. She came back to NYC with me and we are looking forward to getting back to LA very soon.
Speaking of, I live in three different states. Try that on for size. I divide my time between NYC, LA, and the grand state of NJ. No, you may not mock it. Yes, we all may mock snooki. No, I have never watched Jersey Shore (swear). Yes, I can pack for a long trip in under a half hour. Yes, I love traveling.

I'm an actress by profession. There's a good chance that I've toured through your city or at least several that you've heard of. I do musical theatre, voice over, commercials and am planning to take over ABCFamily shows any day now. The day I'm on Pretty Little Liars is the day I pass out in excitement.
When I'm not acting, singing, writing music, or doing voiceovers.. I'm a social media strategist, blogger for an interior design brand, and I run my own doggy nannying service in NYC. So mostly I am running from one thing to the next, laughing about how ridiculous it is, and enjoying the chaos.

I'm obsessed with design. Interior, graphic, typography, clothing, textiles, you name it and I love it. I want to learn printmaking something wicked.

I'm on a mission to get every single shelter and abandoned dog into a loving and forever home. To this end, I post dogs non-stop on my Facebook feed, work with an extensive amount of rescue groups, educate friends (and strangers) on the importance of spaying, neutering, and adopting dogs as opposed to buying from a breeder or (god forbid) a puppy store. If you ever want to add a dog into your life, email me and I'll help you find your perfect rescue pup.
I'm vegan. Except when it comes to pancakes because I cannot resist the cake that pans. I have a problem.

I'm a meditator, practice the Paradox Process, and have seen my entire life change from these two things (and a strong conviction to change). I'm also a trained life coach and odds are, I want to life coach you or talk to you about meditation or the Process.
I have a firm life rule: always buy yourself flowers. Even if other people are! This is symbolic of knowing how to treat yourself kindly, put yourself un-selfishly first, appreciate the little things, and choose to do what makes you happy. Kind of hard to explain but try it.

If I wasn't an actress, I'd be an interior designer and yes, I would like to design your home and organize your closet, please.
I believe in living my very best life. Firmly. Not in an Oprah type of way, but in a Kerry type of way. I feel the only limits we have are the ones we create for ourselves and that we can overcome anything by identifying it and working like hell to change it.

I turn my cell phone off a lot. Like, a lot. At least twice a day but usually more at night. Or it's on silent.

I'm currently having a little love affair with the show Hart of Dixie, but my all time favorite is Gilmore Girls. Both are/were filmed on the same set which just makes it all even more spectacular.

I keep a tiara next to my bed and wear it when I'm cleaning, writing, or just need to remind myself of my own greatness. I highly suggest this along with the flowers.

Happy to have you here, feel free to email me or leave me a comment and I'll write you back :)



    Here are my puppies at home that I love! I also think your tiara and flowers ideas are wonderful!!!! :) It has to be so exciting to be running back and forth all the time!

    <3, Sabra

  2. Someday we should end up in the same city so we can hang out every day. No arguing.