Tuesday, March 12, 2013

on PINK, pink everywhere (& my camera is back!)

when i was 17, i got this great idea to paint my bedroom pink. it was light blue-ish at the time and i thought no. no more of this. it's time for pink! so i went to the local home depot and picked out a disney paint color called 'princess pink' (could not make that up if i tried) and had my three male bff's at the time paint my room whilst i sat on the floor and talked. most people do that at 6, right? demand a pink room? princess pink, none the less. not me, i waited until 17.

so a handful of years (and one very pink college dorm room) later, i outgrew it all at once. all of it, the whole pink kabob. my room was re-painted mint green (i mainly sat and talked through this one, too) and the pink really left my life. when i moved into my latest place, i saw the blank wall in front of me and thought: light pink. a grown up pink! and no one was more shocked than i was.

being back in my room now, post LA, i was unpacking and cleaning up when i noticed something: PINK everywhere. the wall, my flowers next to my bedside table, lady's new travel bag and her favorite toy, her new collar, the jeans that i can't stop wearing, the dress that i longed for while away, and the latest painting i painted. (while i was painting it, i was chatting with a friend who was over, and told her that it needed pink, but i wasn't sure where to add it yet, however the painting would tell me where to put it. just in case you weren't sure if i was totally nuts or not.) just so much pink.

and you know what? i like it a whole lot :)

p.s. i know i included two pictures of the painting bc one has the pink wall in the background and the other has that cutie baby face little girl all snuggled up in the background and i sort of couldn't resist.

p.p.s. my camera and i have been reunited! this means a 50/50 chance of actually getting quality pictures around these parts! holler!

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  1. Amazing pics! So lovely:)