Monday, March 11, 2013

ON when you really need shorts right that minute

this is important information, as you never know when you'll find yourself in need of shorts right away.
for example, you may find yourself in 80+ degree weather and just not want to wear another dress.
but you haven't any short skirts. and you haven't any shorts. WHAT DO YOU DO?

Step 1: dig through your clothes until you find jeans
Step 2: make sure you're okay with never having those jeans again
Step 3: find scissors and cut off a large portion of the jeans
Step 4: voila, you have shorts

i completed this purple on purple look with a multicolored plaid shirt. it was flannel.
let's all process that: i cut up jeans to make shorts bc it was so hot, then added flannel.
i still got it, folks. i. still. got. it.

here is my favorite thing about this: i wanted shorts, i cut up my jeans. bam. that's it.
i didn't sit there and analyze and hem and haw over if i should or shouldn't.
i just did it. which is exactly how i make all of my best decisions.
watch out clothing items, none of you are safe from getting chopped up now!


  1. They look adorable, and it's great because you already like the fit! :)

    xox Sammi

  2. haha! so, i almost never start a summer without chopping off a pair of jeans. i call them my adventure pants, wear the stitching out of them all summer, and then retire them (it's usually necessary). you've just inspired me to go make this year's adventure pants! GO TIME