Friday, March 8, 2013

ON hey i'm a working blogger & the gilmore girls, of course

You may have noticed things have quieted down here a bit. That isn't because I don't love you. I do love you. Baby, I love you big time. But, well, there's a new blog in my life. And that blog pays me.

That's right: I'm officially a working blogger.

A little fact I've not mentioned here is that aside from acting/singing/voiceover, dog rescue, life coaching and the million other things that I do, I also work as a freelance social media strategist. Fancy title, right? I've worked privately with a handful of clients and am super excited about my latest job, with a kickass modern & eco-friendly furniture line and company. I love social media and I love blogging and I love interior design and, hell, I love Santa Monica. So this is right up there with the dream jobs and I feel super lucky.

My latest post is on these super neat TV show floor plans, like this one:

Yes, that's right: just when I honestly couldn't imagine this job getting any better, I got to include something about the Gilmore Girls. Who are just my favorite fictional characters in all of the land. It's literally my most favorite TV show, I (sadly? impressively? not sure on this one) own all seven seasons and have probably seen every episode at least six times. I want to say this is because I don't have cable and so I often just leave the episodes running as TV noise in the background, which IS true.. except I also do this because I honestly can not get enough.

I used to say if you want to win my heart, you'd have to bring me flowers and an avocado. Now.. well, now it just may be bringing me this floor plan print. Which I would frame and hang in our home. Yes, our home, because I would marry you on the spot.

Plus the flowers and avocado thing has been done already. And he even threw in cornbread. I know, I know: true love. Gentlemen, you have got your work cut out for you, I tell you.

I'm not sure why this photo was already on my hard drive but whatever, Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel can do no wrong in my eyes, so even this photo, where they are eating, is genius.

Remind me to tell you the time about when I offered someone a beer and oh, it was Alexis Bledel. Nearly fell over, I did. Don't worry, kept my cool. I did memorize her outfit though. I'm lying. Just her shoes. And coat. OKAY FINE THE WHOLE THING.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this post anymore, but the point was to tell you that I'm a working blogger and I'm really excited. Plus, now you know who to turn to for all of your social media needs. I tell you what: the day I find (create) a job where I'm a recurring role and/or host for a TV series that has to do with dogs and/or interior design, that I also get to run a blog for, and give a portion of the proceeds to animal rescue? Well, that is what heaven looks like, my friends. And then the blog turns into a book deal?! Oh, we are just getting crazy now. Just crazy.

:) Happy Friday, xo


  1. wooot! congrats! it's validating to do what you love full time. i write full time, now if only i could narrow that down to writing about things i'm actually passionate about! baby steps :)

  2. Yay Kerry, this is awesome!! Congratulations!! I feel like blogging has opened up an entirely new avenue for all kinds of creative people to pursue, and it's one that's incredibly relevant (and can help pay the bills!). It's pretty exciting, I think. :)

    xox Sammi

  3. I, too, own all seven seasons. I've watched each episode countless times. If it is on TV, I stop and watch it again. I want to find a Stars Hollow and live there forever. As far as I'm concerned, that show could have gone on forever. Now I want that floor plan to print and frame on my wall. It's darling!