Wednesday, March 6, 2013

ON what it looks like

one / two / three

this is what it looks like:

it's waking up with someone who immediately reaches for you to pull you in closer.
it's staying in bed far too long after the alarm has gone off because you just can't leave.
it's driving around in circles because it's more fun than anywhere you could end up.
it's someone listening to you and remembering everything you say.
it's someone bringing you flowers because flowers are important to you.
it's having the best damn time grocery shopping.
it's slow dancing in the living room.
it's saying literally anything without any boundaries, shocking even yourself as the words come out.
it's the other person willingly eating vegan food, no complaints, no jokes.
it's an all day, every day texting stream and phone calls from someone who 'hates the phone'.
it's spending an abnormally long amount of time with the same person and enjoying it so much.
it's someone making you lunch, without you asking, because you're in a rush.
it's wanting to stay home together instead of going out (and only being mildly freaked out by that).
it's laughing a lot, i mean like a lot, a lot.
it's running errands.
it's having the same values.
it's naturally sliding your fingers into his.
it's none of the shit that you thought it was before or the stuff friends/media/etc like to tell you it is.
it's being inspired to step it up in every area.
it's someone kissing your hand all the time.
it's someone stopping you to tell you that you look beautiful.
it's suddenly actually caring about something that you truly never did before, just because the other one does.
it's really fucking easy.
it's someone making you into a nicer, kinder, more attentive person.
it's someone calling you out on your bullshit.
it's knowing someone instantly, and totally.
it's knowing that it may be for right now or it may be for always, but either way there are important lessons made just for you that could only be taught just by him.
it's mushy blog posts like these that make you only slightly uncomfortable.

that was it, i swear. but then my best friend was by tonight and she said for her, it's hearing her fella's heartbeat. (okay, she didn't say fella, but that's how i speak, soo there's that.) how sweet is that? there's something so calming and inviting to her about hearing his heart. in 24 years of friendship, i've never heard her say that before :)

okay, now back to our regularly scheduled sarcasm and wit and general observing of life and writing about dogs.



  1. wowzah!
    i got sappy too lately. let's get back to the non-sappy things schedule

  2. This is lovely. :) I like this just as much as the sarcasm/wit/dog posts! I also enjoy the labels for this post, haha.

    xox Sammi

  3. OMG love this. Perfect description of love. xoxo