Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ON melrose trading post

Two Sunday's ago, Lady & I made our way to the Melrose Trading Post for some rummaging.
We love to rummage. Well, okay, I do, but she had no choice in it since I was driving. Her day to drive is never on Sunday. Also, she is a puppy. The trading post is a giant flea market full of other people's crap, hand made things, painted furniture, artwork, and so on. Your general parking lot filled with awesome.

We didn't buy anything but we spotted some old school puffy sports team jackets like the one I used to have circa 1995 (mine was the Raiders, which I believe was a football team? still not totally sure) and a giant painting version of a print my mom has in our living room. We found lots of posters and signs and we especially liked the vendor who had everything teal and pink. We're girls, hello. One of us imagined how we would do an entire apartment solely furnished from this market, and the other one imagined all of the things she could potentially chew and pee on. No hints as to which one of us had which thoughts.

Places like these are exactly what weekend adventuring is for. And weekend adventuring is very important. We took a vote and it's been decided :)

Have you ever been? What's your favorite flea market? Tell me please&thankyou!

p.s. there's a really fun game in LA where it's so sunny that you can't see what pictures you're taking or really the objects in them. it's extra fun to play on your iphone and oh man i am so happy to have my camera back in my life.

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  1. I feel a strong need to rifle through that array of wooden signs with sayings on them!