Thursday, November 8, 2012

On Words For Your Soul

I find that if I'm paying attention, the words I need come find me. Here are three sections of articles that have affected me lately. Let me know what's affecting you lately, yes? Yes. xo
"Want to inspire lasting change? Don’t tell somehow how you want them to change. Don’t nag them to do things a certain way. Instead, be the example and show them there’s a better way. Set a stage such that they get to experience what’s possible."
- From Amber Rae's latest How To Inspire Lasting Change - well worth reading the whole thing.
"I didn’t realize this until recently, but the most destructive thing smart people do is spend their lives waiting. Even people with lofty dreams and aspirations get distracted by the inertia of ordinary events and subconsciously store their goals in the waiting place."
- From Dustin Curtis' The Waiting Place - again, totally worth reading the whole thing. Then go seek out his post called The Fight.
"When you feel like life is wrapping its fingers around your spirit, clenching its fists around you energetically, placing its strong hands on top of your head in an attempt to say, "stop. growing." push back. It's a test. When you wonder if you're invisible, or perhaps no one will love you or see you, or that you may have to compromise your spirit because, "that's just life".... remember that the ground beneath you will always support you, that the heart that's beating inside of your chest is always your steady companion and that your life is YOURS, that you decide your shine, the only person who can switch on/off INNER LIGHT, is you. These are the ways you can love yourself. Light, on."
- From Chelsea Talks Smack's These Are The Ways You Can Love Yourself - for goodness sake please read this whole thing. I can't tell you the agonizing I did over choosing what section to quote here because all of it sits so dearly in my heart.


  1. i love them all, mostly the second one about the waiting place. my to do list of "ordinary events" takes over my life more often than i like to admit!