Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Fueling Up

Lately, I've been refueling. See, sometimes I stop taking care of myself, in order to put others first.
Since everybody is different, that may work for some people. However, for me, I know I can't actually be of any use to anyone else if I am not taking care of myself first. I can't be a good friend, pup-parent, human, lover, giver, or healer if I'm not one with myself. So when I realize I've been slacking, I fuel up. 

This means..
fresh flowers in my home
cleaning my living space
paying attention to what i'm eating (or not eating)
taking time to let my body rest
writing, writing, writing
listening to myself and then following through
dance parties (this is key, friends)
meditation, twice a day, every day
checking in with my life goals, setting 5 small ones for the week
not picking up my phone or responding to texts if i'm not truly available for the person
saying 'no' to invitations, social events, get-togethers, etc
wearing a tiara while at home (try it)
only reading books, listening to music, and watching shows that motivate me
cooking (instead of picking food up all the time)
lots of yogi tea in my favorite mugs
keeping an eye on what i think/say about myself
following my bliss (go get that latte, smile at strangers, sing at full volume)
creating art, painting, writing new songs, crafting, etc
loving myself extra

and the cool thing is when i realize i'm taking care of myself, i see these things in action. i'll literally have no idea where my phone is for the whole day, i'll be cooking up a storm, dancing around my house with that tiara on my head, laughing loudly and doing exactly what i want to do without worrying about anyone else.. and then i can go back to serving the world, fueled up and ready for life.

how do you take care of yourself?

p.s. apparently, it is april 6th here in my house.. those tear off calendars always get me..


  1. ummm i love few things more than keeping fresh flowers in my house! even if it means a cheap bouquet from the grocery store (although i noticed that NYC tends to just sell them right there on the street -- i would never be able to resist!) i also want to try this tiara business you speak of.

    1. i tend to stick with the cheap trader joe's variety.. but yes the temptation is real here, on every corner! the tiara thing is kind of life changing. best to get the little kid, two dollar, target version (in my humble opinion..) xo

  2. Wearing a tiara! Genius. I am trying this--along with several other things on your list :) Thanks lady

    1. yay! yes, do it! i tell you what, it really changes your entire demeanor, placing that tiara on your head. and i was never a pageant girl either! swear! glad to inspire, report back please :)