Monday, October 22, 2012

On Marlon Brando

as you can see, he is one handsome fella.
he is quite well read (all of those books are his) and teaches a proper pounce position.
he has a tower to climb on that is quite higher than my head
and showed me where he likes to retreat for alone time (with Mr. Mouse as his bodyguard).

Marlon Brando is my sister and brother-in-law's three month old kitten.
they were not cat people. they weren't even animal people.
they mocked me endlessly for the fierce love and devotion i have for my Henry Bear.
and then my sister went to an animal shelter with a pal and left with an application,
for little MarleyBoo had stolen her heart, and just like that: they became cat people.
my sister is obsessed. past obsessed. she is also expanding her shopping obsession to him:
this tiny man has more possessions than i currently have.

welcome to the family, MarleyB.
i may sneeze a ton around you, and you may never meet your cousin Henry,
but i sure do think you're swell and am delighted to be your aunt.

p.s. adopt! adopt, adopt, adopt your pets :)
lots of other babies as amazing as MB are waiting for your love.


  1. I adopted my kitty as well. It's the best thing you can do! Little Marlon is too cute!

    1. yay! i'm so glad to hear it! what's your kitten's name? xo

  2. What a gorgeous little kitten and I absolutely LOVE the name. Found your blog today and am following you.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I'll pass along the name compliments to my sister! Can't wait to check your blog out, xo