Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hello internets, Henry Elliot here. Thought I'd give you a little catch up since it's been awhile since I posted and--
AND LAYLA JUNE. Layla June here. Layla. Layyyyyla. Did you see my dress? Go see dress. GO! Layla dress. Ruffles. Rufffffles. Ruff-ruff-ruffles.
Yes, ahem, Layla is here, too.
LAYLA. Layyylaa.
Yes, we all know your name, thank you. Now. Moving on. For the past few weeks, something very exciting has happened in our world, as we--
Is it my poop? Layla make poop!
No, Layla, it's not your poop. Seriously? I'm trying to make a blog post here. Anyway, the exciting news is that we have been back with our mommy full time.
Yes, she's your mommy, too, though lord knows why that is..
WHAT you say? You say hurtful thing to Layla? I poop on you.
Moving right along, we have indeed been back with our mommy and it's been very exciting. Lots of time in the park and visiting the touristy places, taking in the sights, and so on. We've slept in the big bed each night, and mommy doesn't mind that we leave her approxamately two inches of space along the edge of the bed. She likes snuggling with us, so we try to sleep as close as possible.
Layla sleep on her head.
Yes, Layla likes to sleep on her head, while I enjoy just a bit more space. Perhaps a paw placed gently on her face. I'm considerate like that. Aside from the big bed, we enjoy the big park, and we do not enjoy the big trucks. Did you hear that, city? No more big trucks.
Henry scaredy-cat.
What was that?
No, nothing, go on.
Anyway, yes, it's been lovely. Things have been going smoothly, you know, except for the big trucks and when Layla throws up in the bed, and eats things on the street she shouldn't be eating--
Sigh. No but really, does anyone want a little Chihuahua mix? She's tiny, you wouldn't notice--
YOU try to sell Layla?! You try to rid life of a Layla?! Brother. You pay for this. You sleep with one eye open. You never see it coming! Layla NINJA! You insult Chihuahua, you must pay.
Okay, internet, well it looks like we're just about done here. Please do feel free to send treats to me. Er, us. To us. Have a nice day and--
Henry Elliot, over and out.

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