Friday, October 18, 2013


Sometimes you just stumble onto something so cool, you can't believe you hadn't heard of it before. That's what happened with Much More Than Me. As soon as I got to the website I was in shock I hadn't ever been there before.

Much More Than Me is an amazing company that was founded "out of a joint desire to give people a creative way to advocate for acting with greater compassion toward human beings and animals". To that end, Much More Than Me has a shop full of awesome t-shirts, and for each one purchased, a percentage of the sale is donated to a cause. And even cooler yet, is that you get to select what organization to donate to, from a great list of options. While MMTM was founded from the core passion to advocate for rescue animals, they support and promote lots of organizations. So, in short, you pick your tee, and you pick where you want your donation to go. Plus, you get to join ranks with the celebrities and actors that support the company. Win-win-win.

One of the co-founders of MMTM was incredibly generous and sent me the Rafferty Reasons t-shirt, which I (honestly) wore four days in a row. Yes, that's right, four. Mainly because it's so incredibly comfortable, but also because I was so honored to wear such a great message around town.

You have a chance to win your own t-shirt from Much More Than Me! If you win, you'll get to select the item you want. Make sure to enter below, and to follow them on their Facebook page and Twitter (definitely find the coupon code currently being offered, too).

Please note: this giveaway IS open to International followers :)

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  1. Girrrrl I love this. Warms my heart chambers.

  2. ....I forgot to follow the comment rules. I would pick the blue Much More Than Me shirt with the swirly design. It moves me.

  3. Hi!
    Is this open to international followers?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Marta! YES it's open to international!! I will update the post. Thanks for the reminder! xoxox

  4. My favorite is the Why Rescue? shirt.

  5. I think I would choose this one,!/~/product/category=0&id=17543207

  6. Glad I stumbled on this via another's tweet!

  7. Oops forgot to pick a tee. I like them all but the recycle one is cool.