Friday, October 25, 2013


Internet. Friends. Where has the blogging gone?! It seems I've been a touch busy lately and one of the many reasons is that there little photo above ^^^.

Some of you know that I've been life and career coaching for awhile now. However, a few months ago, I buckled down (that phrase always cracks me up) and committed to it. I set out a goal, I wrote out guidelines, I free wrote ideas, and I just went for it. And then something really cool started happening: I got clients. Like, a lot of them. And the more I coached, the more they told their friends and peers, and boom. Magick. I'm mostly coaching actors (aspiring and professional), artists, bloggers, and creative types. However, I've now coached a variety of careers and people, and feel confident I can work with almost anyone. I'm also creating a little something special for bloggers, so stay tuned** :)

I think it's important to address that I'm still first and foremost an actor. If I gave up on my own dreams and path, then I couldn't help others reach theirs. Plus, I'd be hella jealous (hella? where did that come from? did I just time travel to 1995?) as I helped other people toward their dreams if I wasn't living mine. I'm also still working for the design company in LA, and love them and the company. That may sound like a lot, but a few months ago, I had six jobs so three feels like a freaking vacation of awesome.

Here's the exciting part: I launched a website and a facebook page! They are not perfect, the logo is messy, and I haven't decided on a domain and lots of other things my ego wants to tell you. But the important part was just doing it. Taking the action. Which is pretty much always the important part. So to celebrate that, I'm having a giveaway! Enter below to win a free one-hour coaching with me. You can live anywhere in the United States, as I coach via skype and phone. Sorry to my international friends, but I haven't expanded that far. Yet.

**if you're a blogger and are interested in being part of the test-run, email or tweet me! we'll do sessions for free in exchange for being a really beautiful guinea pig.

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