Wednesday, October 2, 2013


This is the story of a chair. No, I'm totally kidding. Except, yes it is. Here's the deal: I got that gorgeous desk from craigslist awhile ago, maybe like six months. Twas my dream desk, twas free, and twas perfect. Due to this amazingness, I seemed to have missed one important aspect of having a desk.. using it. So while she became a great holder of books, and collector of important receipts, that was about it.

Enter in many changes made in my apartment as of late. Mama just about got on a nesting kick over here. And by nesting, I mean craigslist. And by craigslist, I mean holy crap I have a problem incredible gift for using craigslist.

It's interesting how a very small change can have a massive impact in your life. The night I got the chair home, and sat in it, well my whole world just about changed. I work at my desk now, in my desk chair, and it still gives me a thrill each time. Stay tuned for other updates on the little big changes around here. I know these are the exciting posts that keep you coming back for more. Oh, I know. I know indeed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go sit in my chair, after which, I shall look at my chair. Busy night.


  1. hahaha sometimes you write a blog post that makes me think we are the same person. I would stare at that chair for a while too. Also, this: "And by craigslist, I mean holy crap I have a problem incredible gift for using craigslist."

  2. hah! Isn't it funny how one piece of furniture can change a whole room? I've noticed that a lot in my space, too.