Wednesday, July 3, 2013


If you're anything like me, today is the day when you scramble to figure out what to bring to the Fourth of July party you'll be at tomorrow. Obviously, one turns to pinterest for inspiration :)

My plan is to go the fruit route, first because I'm vegan and am therefore ensuring I can eat something.
Second, because it's really pretty, easy, fun, and fast, which are my usual cooking requirements.

The Sangria recipe (and a non-alcoholic punch version) can be found here!
For Eco-Friendly Fourth of July ideas, click here to see my post on Viesso.
And for fun, last minute easy DIY ideas, go visit Drea's post here.

Last but not least, please keep an eye on your pets! July 4th is super scary for them.
Please leave on soothing music or a tv if you'll be out
and for potato's sake, please don't bring them to parties or fireworks.

And lastly, for our furry little ones:

Happy Fourth of July!

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