Wednesday, July 3, 2013


For once, I was early. Early! So I do things like take pictures of my feet.
So friends, when I'm late, I'm kind of doing you a favor, you know?
Pretty, pretty friends.
Classic girlfriend conversation faces. You can almost hear it.. "He did WHAT?"
Don't mind me. I'm in the middle of reenacting a scene from 'you've got mail'.
We met in the upper west side, at a pre-determined place, that apparently every one and their mother also chose to go to that night. So we hopped across the street, and waited the fifteen minutes for a table.

Here's a fun little story: a few years ago, I met a boy at his concert. We kind of hit it off. When he texted me that night, there was legit squealing with my girlfriends, it was that kind of excitement. There was more texting, some attempts at making plans, but we were both back and forth on tour and it never happened. A year or so after that, he became super famous. Fast forward to this night and he and his family were eating at the table we were waiting for. There were some caught glances back and forth, but I basically hid until they left, nervously playing with my hair and babbling words at my friends. So yes, it's true, I am as cool as you think I am.

After dinner, we went to Cafe Lalo, where I did my best Tom Hanks impression. "She HAD to be!" and we basically sat in the same spot Meg Ryan does. Chocolate cake is made for sharing, so there's that, too.

Between the almost-run-in with a boy whom only several exchanges were had, and the Cafe Lalo-ing, well, I tell you what, this was my very own You've Got Mail come to life.


  1. That sounds simply magical, just like the movie. And the lights in the trees outside- how romantic!