Thursday, May 9, 2013

ON When Aunt Amy Came To Visit (a guest post by Lady)

Hola Internets, Ladybug here.
Mama is finally letting me do a guest blog. 
Henry has done a lot & I saw another pup do one, too. So my turn!
I shall tell you of when Auntie Amy came to visit me last weekend. 
Oh & mom, too. But mostly me.
This is me & Aunt Amy & Mama & me. Also, me.
I am giving you a strong profile angle in this shot.
As a future professional model, I made this choice
and was definitely not distracted by something shiny or a squirrel.

They went to get Mexican food and no one invited me.
I'm a freaking Chihuahua, for peta's sake.
No one invited me here either. Auntie Amy said they needed a delicious treat.
And I was all, "Hello, I am right here. Delicious Treat is my company."
Mommy says chocolate is bad for doggies. I say stop spreading slanderous lies.
(jklol it is bad for doggies)
Then they went to see my cousin, Dana. She is their cousin, too.
'twas her birthday celebration. Question: when is mine? Do I get a party?

Auntie Amy is very nice and I approved her visit.
She is comfortable to sleep on and she let me kiss her nose a lot.
I do enjoy that very much. She let me sneeze on her, too.
I say you can always judge a person by their willingness to be sneezed on.
So okay Auntie Amy, you can come back soon. But don't bring the Cats.
I heard about them. I heard they are cats and not dogs. Unacceptable.

Yours in Pawsomeness,

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