Sunday, May 12, 2013

ON My Momma

My Momma is loud. She is, she's loud. It's a trait in our family that all the women seem to catch. She is brave and opinionated and smart. She is hard on me and easy on me. She is the best music that you catch on the radio at just the perfect time and the sound of a piano filling up the room. She cries a lot and over does it and frustrates herself but lets it go in seconds. She comes to rescue me if I need it and brings me bottled water and that alone is a miraculous blessing. She laughs at me at 1 in the morning when I'm so over-exhausted that I'm no longer making sense but talking about things I'm so certain of, and tells me I'm crazy but in a way where I know she believes in me. She knows everything but lets me teach her things anyway. She watches my babies for me when I can't and loves them like they are hers, because I am hers so it's the same thing.

My Momma is the best. Happy Mother's Day!

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