Thursday, May 9, 2013

ON Meeting Lauren Graham (OR; OMG LORELAI!)

You guys. Internet. Friends. Strangers. There are some very crystal clear facts about me that I'd say nearly 99% of people who encounter me come to learn right away. 1. I love Dogs. Mine in particular, but all dogs really, and usually more than people. 2. I'm a design freak. I may ask to re-organize your closet before I know your last name. 3. I love Gilmore Girls, and Lauren Graham specifically.

So you can imagine what happened when my sister announced that we were off to her book signing. Oh, I'm sorry, what? And will God Himself be there, too?! Gilmore Girls holds a special place in my heart for getting me through my first year living in NYC (totally alone). I would come home, put on a DVD and let it run while I made dinner, did work, whatever. It felt like the whole cast lived with me. Last year, I met Alexis Bledel at the first preview of her play in the city. I was there as a guest of the theatre so I couldn't freak out or really say much more to her than "Do you want a beer?". Yes, that is what I said to Alexis Bledel. I can hear gentlemen everywhere saying "But that's what I was gonna say!" Too late boys, been done.

Lauren (or as my mom is now calling her, "Lo Lo", bffs obvs) said a lot of things that registered with me that night. She talked about being a storyteller, how acting and writing are so similar yet so different, what made her leave NYC for LA.. and on and on. But she said one thing that I felt I had to write down to remember: "You just have to do something and then you can fix it later."

Or, in other words, just start doing whatever it is you're thinking about. You can always go back later and fine tune it or start again or whatever. But waiting until it's a perfect idea, or you're a perfect person sure as heck means you will definitely never do it.

Oh, Lauren. You wise woman, you. Jokes aside, I really do feel a kinship with her, and I can't wait until we work together and I can bring this picture to her (after we have formed our close bond) and we can laugh about it. Yes, I've already got that planned.

Have you ever met one of your inspirations? Who was it? What happened? Do tell. xo

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  1. LOVE HER!!!! That is seriously amazing that you met her!!! You are a superstar :)

  2. omg, i LOVE gilmore girls. how did i not know about this book?? i would have died and totally embarassed myself in front of alexis bledel.

  3. Ahhhhh!!!! Jealoussss!!! I have a (borderline unhealthy) obsession with Gilmore Girls. You really can't watch an episode too many times ;) I love her advice too... straight and too the point, just as I would imagine Miss Lorelai to be ;)

  4. This is totally cool! You are so lucky to have met not one, but two Gilmore Girls! Now all you need is Kelly Bishop and you'll have the complete set! Have you read the book yet? Would love to hear what you think of it!

  5. You're my hero. I will go to bed tonight burning with jealousy. Lucky duck!