Monday, April 1, 2013

ON the Most Delicious Dinner Ever

Blog readers, friends, internet peoples: do not become alarmed. This will not become the type of blog with recipes on the regular. I am not a recipe gal. This here meal above that you see? No recipe. None. So rest easy, friends. My blog is not about to get themed up or anything. Great, let's move on.

SO I MADE THIS! For dinner. Like a DIY, but you can eat it. It's called 'cooking', you guys ever hear of it? Anyway, I had dinner with my best girls a couple of weeks ago and two of us ordered the same dish, only I ordered mine sans chicken, add eggplant, please. But the base of it was the same, and I said, "umm, Kerry, you can totes make this!" and then we had a good laugh, me and myself. But I did!
Okay, here is what was in it and how I made it, but this is not a recipe!

Cherry Tomatoes*
Brussel Sprouts
Just a toss of Marinara Sauce**

Okay, make the gnocchi. If you don't know how to boil water, stop reading right now, let the dream die. In a separate frying pan, heat up the brussel sprouts (mine were already cooked, so if you have to cook yours, sorry you are on your own). On the side, you should rinse the tomatoes and then chop them in half on a cutting board. This is super fun and it's a good time to pretend you have your own cooking show. Great, okay, now they are both magickally done so throw the brussellys into the gnocchi and let them all become good friends. Then in that same frying pan (do not get a new one! you'll have to wash two!) put the chopped-in-half 'maters and asparagus (again, this had been cooked previously) and stir 'em all up together. This makes a fun sizzling noise due to the tomato juices. When that's all done, toss those bad boys into the big pot with the gnocchis and the brussels and mix it all up and then throw in some tomato sauce. Scoop some into a bowl and eat it. That's it! You did it! You cooked! Celebrate by not doing the dishes and waiting until someone else does them for you. Enjoy!

*At first, I wrote CHEERY tomatoes and I wanted to leave it because it delighted me ever so. But, you know, spelling, blah blah. But I want to note that you may select cheery tomatoes should you prefer them over cherry. 

**If you happen to have more than a toss left in your sauce jar, feel free to add more. Some of us only had a toss left for with which to toss.


  1. oh, my, YUM! I have been a total brussel sprouts girl lately

  2. OM NOM NOM that looks wonderful. This makes me not so intimidated to cook. And also cheery tomatoes is very appropriate because I think cherry tomatoes are the cutest of tomatoes.

    xox Sammi