Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ON a Dog That Needs Your Help (& the rescue that's saving her life)

EDIT: If you want to keep up with Misty and how she is doing, please visit:

**please note that my dogs are safe and sound and this is not about them**

If you know me, you know I love dogs. Fiercely. You would also know that my Henry is the love of my life, that there is nothing and no one I love more than him. And you would know that Lady is the latest addition to my heart, and is my foster girl from Los Angeles. If you know me, you know that I would do anything to protect these two, but that my love for pups extends far and wide to babies I don't know and will never meet. You'd also know I call them babies, shouting it down city streets when I spy one! "Look! A baby!" "Uh, Kerry.. that's a dog.."

These pictures show how dogs deserve to live. They are both tucked into warm beds at night, have stuffed animals to snuggle with, clothing to keep them warm and dry in bad weather, and someone who holds them and loves them. They both reach for my hands all the time, and hold them. Those hand pictures are not staged. They both still constantly tell me how grateful they are, and teach me things that I know humans can't teach me. They fill my heart up so much.

There is a little girl pup who - excuse the language - has had the living shit beaten out of her. By humans. Human beings. Luckily, an amazing rescue group took her out of the shelter she wound up in, with her week old gashes and cuts that have turned to infections. It's really bad. I'm not going to post a photo of her here but you can visit the Second Chance Rescue Facebook Page and see for yourself (do note that it's graphic). Second Chance takes in dogs that are in horrifying conditions all the time, and they really need your help. If you can donate even one dollar to them, you'll be helping to save this little girl. If you can skip Starbucks tomorrow, donate the three dollars that costs. If you can skip sponsoring a blog next month, donate the ten.. you get the idea.

Dogs need us to be their voices. Speak up, get educated on dog fighting and how to stop it. Learn what a bait dog is and then pray like hell for the ones who end up being one. Get informed on the living hellholes that are puppy mills (like the one Henry came from) and always, always spay and neuter your pets and never support buying a dog from a pet store or breeder. Blogs are fun, pretty clothes, giveaways, I know. But this post has to exist, too. And if you can't stand it, if you can't stomach it, that's okay, I get it. But hug your dog tonight and tell them they're safe with you. xoxo

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