Thursday, April 4, 2013

ON Ma Peche

Last Friday night, my pal Rian came to town. When he does this, he tends to buy me meals and, well, I don't mind. This time, we went to one of the Momofuko restaurants, called Ma Peche. The only other time I was at one of these places was... with Rian. True story. He's an adventurous eater.

He ate a lot of things that I'm fairly certain other people would be excited to hear about, but I mainly blocked out the words just in case I didn't want to hear any of them. I, on the other hand, did the thing that every waiter loves and said "I'm vegan, what can I eat?" but in this case, he said they have a vegan option! That's just not on the menu! Secret vegan food! And it was delish. DELISH. Tofu style gnocchi like things (see? I'm such a food snob!) with edamame, shiitake mushrooms, and some sort of spicy sauce.

And then. Then came the cookies. From the Milk bar. And they were so not vegan. I cannot talk to you about the Compost cookie. I just cannot. I had a very loud, continuous reaction to this cookie. Lots of "WHAT IS THIS COOKIE?" happened. Classy broad, I am. I sure do love when Rian comes to town :) Thank you for the meal, friend!

p.s. sorry for the lame iphone photos that all look yellow. even the word 'blog' makes R roll his eyes so I was very sneaky, as you do.

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