Monday, April 1, 2013

ON the Easter Bonnet Parade

Yesterday, my Momma and I made our way to "the avenue.. 5th avenue" (anybody still know this song?) to see the Easter Bonnet Parade. The thing here, is that there is no parade. At least not as we know them. Instead there is just a "parade" of people milling about down 5th avenue with crazy hats upon their heads. Babies, puppies, old people, families.. it went on and on. The hats ranged from clever to frightening to handmade to store bought. Considering our standard Easters in the past usually just include a small amount of family or friends, all within suburbia.. this was, ahem, a change.

And a darn good one at that. More Easter pics coming your way in a bit. Did any of you wear strange hats to celebrate? Do tell. xo

p.s. yes, the tiny yorkie pups were dressed up and yes they were terrified. while i don't support this, i sure did take a photo of it.

p.p.s. the other day i googled 'puppies dressed as bunnies'. it was for.. work.. i think.. don't judge me.


  1. Love these pictures! These hats are great. Also, please post pictures of puppies dressed as bunnies please and thank you.

    xox Sammi

  2. Ha, all of these pictures are so fabulous! Really wishing I lived in a city like this over the holidays each year ;)
    xo TJ