Friday, March 29, 2013

ON closet crushes

I've just rearranged my room for the gazallionth time. In my itty bitty, 7 ft by 11 ft room, there isn't that much to move and change, and yet, I still try. No matter how many times I switch things up, the one thing I cannot change is the lack of closet space. Oh, how I long for multiple closets. Large, vast, spacious places to hang, store, organize and stack. 'Tis the dream. Don't even get me started about the closets turned into offices. I swoon over craft closets, and small spaces to create in. And imagine? Closing the doors at the end of the day to all of the work you've done and leaving it hidden away until the morning. Sounds dreamy.

What's your closet space like? Do you have a little closet office? Send me pictures so I can be jealous :)

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