Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ON little lady red riding hood

Someone was particularly fussy. She couldn't get comfortable and was flouncing and flopping around. I could hear her little self whining and asking for me to play and stop working. She threw her feet around and wagged her tail, thumping it on the bed to get my attention, looking back at me to catch my eye. So I caved. And we played. And flounced together, as you do. I put her hood on and it delighted her ever so and we played photo shoot (a favorite game around these parts). And then when we'd had enough, we had ourselves a belly rub. We were happy as could be, me and my girl in her hoodie.

Can we just discuss the photo of her back to me in her hoodie? With her tiny tail sticking out? And the one with the giant smile on her face? Just killed me dead with cuteness these pictures did. Further proof that pups have the same array of emotions that we have, and eagerly and expressively share them with us. Silly little girl, she is :)


  1. This is so cute! I love it when dogs lay on their bellies with their back legs splayed out like that! -Jessica L

  2. she is just THE cutest thing! these pictures make me miss my own puppy at home :)