Thursday, March 21, 2013

ON yesterday wins (warning: BABIES & PUPPIES ahead)

Wednesday was wonderful.

It started with an audition with one of my favorite casting directors. Followed by being offered to sign at a new agency (!!!). This alone would have made Wednesday so very wonderful.

But then.. then there were babies. BABIES! Twins, in fact. Cutie, sweetie, lovey, funny, giggly babies. A little boy and a little girl who just stole all of our hearts away last summer. It's amazing to watch them grow, and to see how very much a boy the little boy is, and how very much a girl the little girl is. Best friends were there, too, and we coo-ed and commented on how baby feet are most excellent.

Then LaLa and I got a lot of work done from my office (read: my bed) and I got the giggles myself over how very much I love my new job and love working from home and love my life. She got her own puppy giggle over the flowy dress I had on (which I tried to capture for you in that photo up there, she was wrapping herself up in the skirt portion, I just could. not. deal. with the cuteness).

After we finished our work, in an oh-my-god-will-we-finish style, we hopped a cab to Aunt Julie's where all of LaLa's other Aunties were waiting to meet her. Also, this was a girl's night dinner party, but mostly La decided it was about her. See the picture above of two of her Auntie's looking down? That's because they were talking to her. We ate mostly healthy, delicious things.. but those cupcakes did us in. We never saw them coming. And we tried to do an outfit photo for you but I'll tell you what, an oversized jean button down mixed with a flowy dress, does not make for the best photo opt. But in person? In person this outfit was getting rave reviews. Someday I'll be the type of blogger that photographs outfits daily but today I am not.

This whole week is just so magickal. I am a grateful girl.


  1. Love this. Baby feet are the cutest!! And I want to gobble up that salad (and maybe a cupcake, too). Yay congrats on the new agency!!! I would definitely love to do what you do... I think blogging is kind of the new frontier for a lot of creatives, and working from home (setting your own hours) is perfect for what we do. My boyfriend is a freelance graphic designer (and both of my parents are freelance creatives and create their own schedules), so I wonder if it's something I'd like to do in the future, too.

    xox Sammi

  2. And let it not go unnoticed that it was the of your birth!

  3. And let it not go unnoticed that it was the 20th..... day of your birth!

  4. Babies, puppies, and good food on my!

    Ali of