Friday, January 18, 2013

ON the flip side

so the other day, i walked out of the house i'm staying at,
and saw the gorgeous row of palm trees staring back at me.
and i said to myself 'self, we must have a photo of that right now!'
and self and i took out our phone, and took a picture!
and then we looked at it and realized the camera had been set on reverse,
and what i'd taken was that picture on the left - of myself.
so i giggled a bit, because i am six years old, and stayed where i was, taking the pic on the right.

thus, the flip side. literally what was behind the camera and in front of the camera, in photo form.
the picture of me makes me laugh because i really do make that smirk-ish face all the time.
like i am constantly poised to judge or make a smart remark. which, um, you know, i do.
also because i am not just like a six year old in thoughts, but also in size, and so my sunglasses look 
SO BIG on my face and yet they are tiny, not-oversized frames, in real life.

in related news: PALM TREES!!! it's now non-jacket weather here (70's woohoo!)
and i am surely beginning to remember what it is i love best about this place.

now, an important note: HELLO NEW READERS!! 
may i just say that you're all pretty darn beautiful??
if you've come my way via ten feet off beale, then i know you've got great taste.
alyssa is the sweetest, no? i'm so glad to have you joining in on my silly, strange life.
make sure to leave a comment if you haven't already, so i can come say hi on your blog!

happy friday, friends. go live it up, yes? yes. xo

p.s. today is the LAST day to enter alyssa's giveaway, if you haven't yet!


  1. Sounds like something I would do! I'm also super jealous of your weather. Its freeeeeezing here! And yes, I'm new from Alyssa's blog! :)

  2. I found you through Alyssa. I'm here in Memphis and it's been in the 30s, boo. Those palm trees are gorgeous, where is that at? So jealous!

  3. palm trees always make my heart feel warm.

  4. Palm trees rock! I've got some out my front door as well, so much better than snow ;)

  5. Hey girl! Just wanted to let you know I gave you the Liebster award on my blog, the post will display at midnight tonight! Emjoy!

  6. I'm jealous of your palm trees! I've got a whole lotta snow outside right now :)


  7. awesome photo,palm trees and warm weather for winter :)

    what a lovely blog you have!

    happy weekend :)

  8. Loves the shades. Oh yes, on the palm trees. That's a beautiful picture. Anyways, I see many palm trees here in Hawaii although it's rare to see them in a row :( But, just blog hopping to say hello. Aloha!