Thursday, January 17, 2013

ON Elle Woods Was Right All Along

As you may know, I recently, on a whim, relocated to LA. Today is my ninth day here.
And to say there have been some ups and downs would be an understatement. Hello roller coaster.

There's been lots of times in the past week where I've thought to myself "um, Kerry, whatcha doin?
remember your awesome life in new york city? all the people you love nearby? your fabulous agents?
you know that little puppy you love more than life itself? not to mention the boy you like to kiss most in the whole world? um, and you know, your dream apartment? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?"
and then, i laugh at myself. because nothing is permanent and no decisions have been made.
there is only here and now, you know? and right now, i'm listening to my gut and adventuring.

that being said, there still have been times where i have been bummed out during this week.
and so the other night, i came home from something or other. and i was wallowing and missing my pup big time and generally feeling sorry for myself and darn cranky. and all of a sudden i had a vision:
Elle Woods, of course.
If you're a female between, like, 12 and 36, you've probably definitely seen Legally Blonde.
In case you're one of the rare few who haven't, Elle is in a brand new city and feeling down.
So what does she do? She goes to get her nails done!

So what did I do? I went to get my nails done.
and you know what? I FELT SO MUCH BETTER.
there's something so calming about getting a manicure and a pedicure,
but aside from that, i was listening to myself. i had the idea and i just went and did it.
no thinking, no analyzing, no googling where to go. just walked a couple blocks and found one.

and since i felt so much better, i came home and put on 'I Feel So Much Better'
from Legally Blonde the musical. And sang real loud. And danced a little.
And everything was good again.
Apparently, that crazy blonde chick was on to something.
moral of the story? listen to yourself, take care of yourself,
and let inspiration strike, even if it comes from the most unlikely places. xo


  1. This is adorable! I love the legally blonde reference. And that song! Love it.


  2. Oh, you know I would love this post! Also loving the color choices! xo

  3. love it!!! and now this song is stick in my head... and probably will be in my boyfriends soon too hah he's cool like that

  4. ummm we have the same color fingernails! (we won't talk about my toenails...they are hibernating for the winter.) also, i didn't your stay in LA was more than a vacation! so brave!