Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ON california-ing

some more tidbits of LA for you beautiful people.
first: yes, i did go to the library within my first week here. don't act like it's not cool.
urth cafe (which is where that delicious first picture came from)
& aroma are both excellent for people watching and warm beverage sipping.
the grove, griffith observatory, hiking, the Hollywood sign.. I'm such a tourist!

my apologies for looking like i'm dying in the hiking photos. this is because i forgot my inhaler.
(if you have asthma, you just went "oof" upon reading 'hiking' & 'no inhaler'.)
as for the looking like death in the picture with those handsome gents?
that's just a case of the no-makeups. no excuse for that one. best blog ever, right? ;)

have you ever been to LA? favorite things to do?
happy tuesday, friends. xo

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  1. The places you hike look beautiful!!