Tuesday, January 22, 2013

ON facts, yo

So I saw a little link up that's been going around (um, like, HUNDREDS of blogs have linked up on this so way to go, Whitney, well done indeed) and I decided to join it. Because it's 10:30 west coast time and mostly everyone I know is sleeping and it's that or watch Bunheads. Which I will do next.

If you're new to my blog, YES, I truly am this fascinating. Get ready to be blown away by even more facts..

FACT: as briefly mentioned above, I totally watch shows like Bunheads. Or basically anything else on ABCFamily. Don't even get me started on Pretty Little Liars. I watched the past three seasons all within the month of December and I actually feel myself considering the idea of starting over again..

FACT: my dog is my whole heart. I am totally that dog momma. However, I still fully judge other crazy dog mom's who have reached the level of putting shoes or accessories on their pups. Hen can rock a sweater (hello, he gets cold) but no way is he wearing anything with glitter.

FACT: I just up and moved myself 3,000 miles across the country and feel darn well right at home.

FACT: I think fear is a waste of time. Doesn't mean I don't feel fear.

FACT: I am horrible at calling people back, responding to texts, replying to emails, etc. Just the worst. There is only one exception to this rule and that is when my favorite man person is not doing his best job at responding. Then you'd think I was someone who nevverrr dared to miss even a minute of a call, much less be the type that has friends asking if you've fallen off the face of the earth. Double standards. Gotta love 'em.

FACT: I love chocolate. I mean I really love chocolate.

FACT: If there's a wooden floor and I'm wearing socks, I will slide across it.

FACT: I dance while driving, in the shower, in living rooms, in grocery stores. Yesterday I was with one person I barely know, another I had literally just met, and a pal of mine, and I just broke out into the running man move.

FACT: Gilmore Girls is now and will forever be my favorite show. I often find myself saying, OUT LOUD, "What would Lorelai Do?" and also: "You know what we need? We need Gilmore!" and then putting it on. As I own all seven seasons.

FACT: I often call my mom while I'm standing on the sidewalk somewhere in the city and tell her I'm hungry but I can't figure out what to eat. And I'll stay standing there until I figure it out. People love when you stand in the middle of the sidewalk in nyc, you should definitely try it.

FACT: I just love blogging. I do. Someday I obviously plan to have a hold on the entire industry and be running this damn show but even then I plan to love it.

FACT: At this point, when I watch award shows or tv shows or movies, it's now become "oh that's so and so's friend" or "wait, that guy was at that party" or "so and so says she is the sweetest girl". And I feel really cool but I also kind of miss feeling so completely separate and far from this industry. It was very magical then. Except I like being in it, too.

FACT: I'm vegan. On occasion I will eat something that isn't vegan. Like today, I ate pancakes at a diner. Pretty damn sure they weren't vegan. This is okay. I never ever eat any meat, fish, or cheese, or anything with cream or lots of milk in it. But something like pancakes where there's probably a little milk, a little eggs.. I'll do it.

FACT: I have this weird thing where I want to redecorate everyone's homes. Or like rearrange their furniture. Instead, I just move my own around in circles and change my decor a lot. Um, you know, when I actually live somewhere, that is.

FACT: I'm currently living out of a suitcase. I also did this for 2009 and 2010. And I fucking love it. It's weirdly freeing to not have so many choices or be bogged down by so many things. Though I do miss my shoes. And my books. And my bed...

FACT: I learned how to sing classically (read: opera) before I "learned" how to sing anything else. And by learned, I mean in regards to singing lessons. I wasn't a weird two year old naturally singing Opera instead of The Wheels On The Bus.

FACT: If you bring up a movie and are like 'you've seen that right?', the answer will be no. Just never saw any of those movies that everyone sees.

FACT: Hummus and pita chips. Hummus. And. Pita. Chips. All day, every day.

FACT: The idea of working at a desk/in corporate america/in a 9 to 5 makes me horrified. I worked in an office for one month this past summer and I cried - in the office - my first few days there. And I cried nearly every day after that for the whole month. Near the end, I realized I wasn't crying and I didn't mind going there so much and THAT is when I realized that shit needed to get the hell out of my life fast. You can beat the spirit out of someone but only until they remember it's missing.

FACT: When I juice fruits and veggies every day, my life is exponentially better. It just is.

FACT: Today, in my audition, I referred to myself as a hippie freak. And quite liked it.

FACT: I want a big house with lots of open space and massive amounts of natural light and multiple decks/porches/balconies. Near the beach or at least close enough to drive to without having to pack the whole car up like it's a vacation. And also, a car.

FACT: Chalkboard walls. Swoon. And old things made new. And crafting. And wooden floors. And tables made out of reclaimed wood. And golden yellows and robin's egg blue and greys. All the shades of grey. Except the book since I did not and will not read anything that everyone and their mother claims you mussttt readdd.

FACT: Which, yes, means I did not read Harry Potter and the anything ever.

FACT: Sometimes I'm so overcome with my desire to perform and tell stories and act that I feel like I might explode, it's so much. Sometimes I feel nothing for it at all and think I should do interior design. Or host an interior design show.. and back we go to the acting. Circles, friends.

FACT: I toured the whole country and Canada. Hence that suitcase thing. I always felt like I was getting away with something every paycheck I got.

FACT: You get to choose happiness. So pick it.

FACT: Leave me a comment below and tell me a fact about you. xo


  1. What a positive post ! :) You made me smyle! :)
    thank you! :)
    following! :)

    if you want, follow me back!

  2. This sentence! "You can beat the spirit out of someone but only until they remember it's missing."


  3. Your facts are all so positive! I love it. And bunheads is a favorite of mine as well :)

  4. Love all these facts! I also linked up yesterday. I also love chocolate and Gilmore girls...preferably at the same time :)


  5. Hi I'm a new follower, found you via a blog hop!
    Love me pita chips and hummus too, I'm also a redecorater... try not to offend people as I visually inventory their homes!
    Fact about me... I wish I could play the violin...

  6. My {weird} fact: I hate listening to voicemails because I always feel like they will contain bad news. It's a strange phobia, and I'll have 10 unanswered voicemails and make someone else listen to them for me.

    On another note, I feel you on the 9-5. They try to sell that crap to you that it's the only way to live, and I've spent five years of my creative soul slowly dying everyday. I'm about to change that. In your words, that shit needs to get the hell out of my life fast! {Well said :) }