Monday, December 3, 2012

On Then to Now

There is something so similar about these shots.
The purple clothing, the area of the body that's shown, only one ear visible.
I sort of see why some people said they didn't think I needed new pictures.

And yet.. there is something so unbelievably deliciously different about these shots.
Maybe it's only me who is able to see the difference in the human pictured?
I might be the only one who can see the stories, the lessons, the war that raged, the growth.
After all, I'm the person who lived the 3.3 years in between when they were taken.
In a weird way, the fact that the shots are so similar is what makes me able to see just how different they truly are. Does that make sense? It's like being photographed in the same location a few years later.
Once you put them side by side, you're kind of unable to not see the differences that have come to be.

I know a lot of women who aren't into getting any older. Lots of actresses, especially.
I've had people tell me to enjoy the next few years, that I can't have a career once I hit a certain age, since I played kids just oh so well and don't I know that's how it works? Um, okay.
Know what I think? I think this getting older thing is totally working for me.
And I think those people who think/thought that, can shove it :)

What about you? Have any similar pictures you can put side by side?
Are you into getting older or longing to go backward in time?
Do share please&thankyou. xo


  1. I dug through old boxes of stuff at my parents' house recently and it was a bizarre experience to see old pictures of me. What's even weirder was to read my old was so obvious to me how YOUNG I sounded, even though I clearly didn't know it at the time. Same goes for blog entries from like 5 years ago. I'm like, "Listen to me! I sound immature and crazy!" I love the perspective of getting older and seeing your own self clearly. Makes me wonder what I'll think about the "now" me in 5 more years.

    1. that is an excellent point about the 5 years from now thinking.. i suppose this is how we grow! i do think we'll all laugh at all the things we thought were sooooo importannntttt. because we already know in our hearts that they don't actually matter ;)