Tuesday, December 4, 2012

On An Insta-update

a friend rang me tonight. he & i keep missing each other. phone calls, texts, tweets.
when we finally stopped laughing and saying hello, he said, in perfection summation:
"WHAT is your life?"
is there nothing better than a good friend to tell it like it is?

in related news, after i snapped this picture, my phone slipped from my hands & the screen shattered.
but, i mean, this picture is really good, right? so i figure it's worth it. we must sacrifice for our art!
sorry, that last part was the acting school child in me. shan't happen again.
in unrelated news, i spent 20 minutes today with one shoe on and the other clad only in a sock.
this was not intentional. this was from doing too many things at one time. quite the look.

if you're following me on instagram, you know these things already.
and if you aren't, then you probably should be. lincoln center & one-shoe-photos await you.
are you on le 'gram? leave me your @ name in the comments. xo


  1. @gilliangertrude

    A nickname given to me by a very good friend :)

    1. muhahahhh. whomever could that be?!? :)

  2. oh! I do think we should be instagram friends! because why not! and why! (sorry about your phone) @katilda_grams