Monday, November 5, 2012

On Lately

around here lately, things have been all over the place.
there have been trips to the Brooklyn Flea and handmade things:
there has been 'rolling' and 'action' (even on the subway):
 there has been painting and painting and more painting (i'll show you the finished version soon):
there has been an abundance of cute, as my visitors are still here with me:
there have been worthy words and important reminders:
and there has been Love. every version possible, all with the same person:

... there have been polkadotted pants, living room dancing, marathon sing-a-longs to taylor swift's latest album, there have been cold afternoon walks, a broadway show, best friends, a play hidden away in a theatre i never knew existed, there has been art, and kissing, and crying. there have been conversations that could tear your heart out except you know it's the only way your heart will ever steady itself in it's place, there has been intensity, calm, loudness, quiet, two feet on the ground. there have been arms wrapped around and eyes locked on each other, and sleeping in your clothes. there has been patience and learning and growth and trying and hearing, hearing, hearing you.

there has also been a hurricane. there has been such devastation to the place where i spent every summer, to the place i went to college in, and to homes just a few blocks south of me.
there has been unbelievable efforts from friends and strangers alike.
there has been going through my apartment to pull everything i can to donate,
sending links to friends who asked and posting obsessively on facebook for those who didn't ask.
there are some animals seriously in need. there are people seriously in need.
there is the reminder that we are all much more connected than we'd like to think and that greatness comes from the souls of people called to do something: to speak up, to clean up, to get up and keep going. there is the reminder of what matters and what doesn't. the gentle truths that filter in.
there has been gratefulness.

around here lately, things have been all over the place.
here's to whatever comes next.


  1. that's what make us i think. all the things around us. here's to whatever comes next :)

    i have a week off right now, so i won't hear any 'action' and 'cut' for a week. haha

    1. thank you for this sweet comment! i hope you're enjoying your week off!! xo

  2. I hope you are okay after the hurricane :( I'm jealous of your flea market jaunts--one of my favorite things to do, yet there aren't very many around here!

    1. thanks girl! hmm perhaps go around to all your neighbors, ask to collect their old junk, and start your own flea market! untapped market!! you'll be a billionaire! xo