Thursday, November 1, 2012

On Adorableness

hello internets.
the picture above pretty much explains the last few days.
henry elliot and my momma and i were huddled up in NJ with no power, heat, etc.
we sure did have a lot of water though, and one handsome fella to snuggle with.
and then i got back to nyc yesterday! huzzah!
just in time to go pick up these beauties below.
i'm watching them while their mommy and daddy deal with hurricane repairs
and they are sweet as pie. the larger gentleman is ricky, the little girl is lulu.
just as i started to type this, i caught them holding paws. seriously.
for not knowing me or where they are.. they are dealing perfectly.
further proof that doggies know what's up and how to handle life :)

i hope all of you and your families are dry, safe, and enjoying electricity like never before.
if you want to help, check out sites like the humane society or the red cross.
if you're in nyc and need help with your pups, let me know.


  1. glad you are safe! and that you have a new little dog family to keep you company.

    1. thanks! it's really strange: where i am is fine. just downtown is a whole other story and into staten island and nj.. whole other world. really stark differences. but yes, these puppies are delightful :)

  2. your blog is adorable as well as your pups. :)
    keep in touch!


    1. thanks so much! glad you found me! xo