Monday, October 29, 2012

On Fall Days With Henry (& Sandy)

Henry & I have been enjoying some delightful fall walks over the past few days.
Honestly, he romps through leaves with a joy that any of us would be better for knowing.
I wonder if most humans can name something they love as much as Hen loves running in the park.
That little boy sure does teach me a lot about how to live.

In other news, like the rest of the east coast, we are awaiting miss sandy's visit.
So far, only lots of rain and LOTS of wind, and flickering of the lights.
I've been absurdly productive and am excited to almost be done with my new website.
The plan here is to keep working until the power goes and then turn to the latest issue of domino,
playing cards, my guitar and writing - the old fashioned way with a pen and a notebook! 
Henry does not care for the storm and the noises that come with it.
But he sure does look adorable in his new pumpkin shirt :)

Stay safe, internets! xo

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