Thursday, November 29, 2012

On Henry and The Terrible, Horrible, Not-So-Bad, Pretty Darn Good, Super Great Day

Last weekend, Henry got a haircut. A fur-cut. He got his furrs did.
Oh man, I just cracked myself up over that one.
Anyhoo, when we got back home from the groomers, he expressed his great displeasure.
 He stared at me like this, with a face that said "seriously mom? it's freezing. and i look like a baby."
 He looked away, avoided eye contact..
 and he even stuck out his tongue at me, which I have to say was truly shocking behavior.
Though impressive. Really impressive, considering he's a doggy. Brilliant baby.
 And then he went to sleep. Which is exactly how I handle feeling upset or confused, so I understood.
 But when he woke up.. we went outside to the park! Henry loves the park. More than loves. It's a really serious relationship and if I wasn't the number one priority in his life, I'd be jealous.
He had a good sniff around, re-acclimating himself with his surroundings despite his new 'do.
 And then the joy set in. "Mom! Mom, do you see? Mom, I'm running toward you with total joy!"
As we know, true joy is so hard to capture and so sometimes it shows up as blurry photos.
 He took a minute to take it all in. Feel the air on his face, let his spirit soar. He's a very contemplative pup, and he has many complex emotions. Deep thinker, that one is. Knows the value of nature.
 He also knows the value of some good old fashioned leaping. Leap, little child, leap!
Times like this make my heart just about burst cause I know what he was like when I first got him and when I get to see him like this? So happy, so free, having fun? Holy moly I am overwhelmed with love.
 He gets overwhelmed with love, too. And he likes to reassure me with looks like this.
This one said "Hey mom? It's okay you got me this fur-cut cause I really needed one, and well, I guess it looks okay because I am definitely a stud, and well, I guess I love you a lot."
 And then he posed for me under the sunset because he is absolutely my child and knows how to work a camera. I mean, look at that pose. Look at that posture and placement. Just stunning.
 And then back into a blankie. Because, hello, after you're done playing, it is time to snuggle, no? Yes.
And then out like a light. Can we discuss the adorableness in this picture?
No, I think we cannot, because I truly cannot handle it.

Love, Kerry & Henry

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