Saturday, December 1, 2012

On Five for Friday {three}

This edition of Five For Friday is a little something called: my life is in shambles, let's write about it! Ready? Super, let's go.

Five Facts:
1. Little timeline for you: Tuesday I went back into the city, Wednesday was a super fun day, Thursday night I decide it seems like a fine time to start packing for my move on Saturday morning. A few hours into my delightfully fun packing adventure and BAM. Hit with the sicks. The "oh-my-gosh-what-is-happening-am-I-dying" kind. Like a truck had done gone ahead and run me over. Couldn't move, couldn't swallow, couldn't speak, and the worst is I kept waking up all night. You guys. Yikes.

2. Which brings me to: I think I have the coolest doctor in the world. Not only did she stay past her normal hours so she could see me, but her office is lined with Broadway posters, only plays alternative rock, and has a rescue dog in the office that just roams around. Everyone that works there is amazing.

3. I had a last minute audition on Wednesday where I had to sing Auld Lang Syne. Did you know that it is mostly in another language? Because I did not. Good news is that I had such a fun time in the audition, shooting the shit, and being silly, and was just myself - which I tell you is the only key to this business - and then totally forgot about it until the next day when I had missed two emails and a phone call from the casting director checking to see if I was available for the shoot. Cross your fingers and toes, friends.

4. I don't really have that much stuff. Honest. I've purged and relocated things and downsized. And yet, somehow.. I have.. so much stuff. I honestly can't believe how many books I have. And the tricky thing about books is that they're heavy. Did you all know that? Books are heavy. This is why you read my blog, right? For life changing information like this. I know, I know.

5. One of my all time favorite quotes in the world is "There are these people, who, like, know you in this way, that other people can't. Because they've seen you change. They've let you change." If you google that you will find that it's from My So-Called Life, which, as we know, is a mastery of art and human emotions. But this week really exemplified that for me. The people who just roll through the endless tides of change that is me. And the way they just love me no matter what. It's mind boggling. I think a big facet of that is allowing myself to see the ways they're loving me, you know what I mean? Instead of having some conceptual idea of what love should be/look/sound/feel like, paying attention to all the tiny little things that are exactly someone loving you.

Five Faves:
1. This Holiday playlist. Download it (for free) and Be Merry.

2. I'm having a moment with this color. (I have an ongoing moment with this store. We had quite a few moments today, come to think of it.)

3. This bag. Now must just sit patiently and wait for a sale.

4. iGive. Because if you haven't noticed from my last two faves, 'tis the season where people shop, yo.

5. One of my all time favorite blogs. I love the way Bridget takes these teeny tiny simple things and strings them together to create these beautiful truths. Plus, her dogs are adorable and she loves books. Swoon.

P.S. I would like to note that it is again Sunday when I'm posting this. So maybe it's like Five for your next Friday. Or Five for your day when you have a lot of time off and can click/read everything. So basically, I'm doing this delay in posting for you.

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