Sunday, November 25, 2012

On Five for Friday {two}

Five For Friday... on a Sunday! (I mean, it was a holiday and all..)

Five Facts:
1. Henry got a fur cut yesterday and didn't talk to me for an hour afterwards, but you'll be happy to hear I won his love back with potato chips. Bribery, friends, bribery. Since then I've been wrapping him up in blankets since he is now shivering from his short new 'do. Excellent mothering, no?

2. If I don't get a certain amount of alone time, I am sunk. This week I accidentally planned three things that involved groups of people, back to back to back, and about halfway through I thought I was a goner. When I need a good laugh, I imagine myself working in a big office, surrounded by people all day. Oh boy, oh boy.

3. Important lesson: when one paints one's nails in bed, one may end up with purple nail polish all over one's bedspread. All. Over. It.

4. This year was the first Thanksgiving where I had a vegan version of turkey and vegan deserts. This is big, people. I also did my afternoon meditation despite the clamoring going on around the house and the various relatives who were whisper-asking my mom just what exactly was I doing. I maybe forgot to give a disclaimer first and I also maybe did this in the middle of the living room.

5. A mix cd is a most excellent super good gift. Even better when coming from the hands of a handsome man person. If I was given only mix cd's and flowers for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest in all the land. Ahem. Please do take note.

Five Faves:
1. Favorite poem (this week). The last line, friends. Delicious.

2. Favorite current read.

3. Favorite things to browse lately.

4. Favorite new blog. Though you probably already know about it..

5. Favorite video of the week. Because, I mean, COME ON.

Okay now, whatcha got for me? Favorite links?
Favorite facts from your week? Favorite favorites? What? xo


  1. aww, henry is SO cute. and i love his name!

    1. thanks Taylor! he came to me from a rescue group with that name, and i planned on changing it.. until i met him. he came through the door and was such a henry - still is :)